Fun We Have

This page will demonstrate the perverse, wacky, and lemming like quality of people associated with the shop. Whether it be employees, friends, or just some poor shmoe that happened to get in front of the camera.

You will find pictures from our Bridge Day excursions, Whiteside Mountain, adventure races, and just about everything else that your Mom said would get you killed.






This is one of our buds at the beginning of a 876' rappell off the New River George Bridge, in Fayetteville, WV.  This is quite the rappell.








This is the catwalk under the New River George Bridge. This is where all the rappellers rig and get on rope. The walk across this 18” wide catwalk in an ominous one to say the least.











This is a view down from the catwalk.  This is what you look at while you are climbing in-between the handrails to get on rappel. Very exciting first step.






Northbound view of a Southbound John Adams as he makes his way across the catwalk of the New River George Bridge. 









Another view down off the catwalk, 876 vertical feet...yeehaw!








Here is John Adams at the beginning of a 720’ rappell off of Whiteside Mountain in North Carolina.  One impressive view...not John, the scenery.












Same mountain, different guy.  This is Kent of our friends of the shop and all around good egg.






Hi, this is me...Chuck Adams, going off Whiteside. You cannot describe the rush of hanging your ass out above a 700' rappell.









This is another one of our buds on the bridge. Say hey to John Sharp.













John Adams on the ledge at Whiteside Mountain...again impressive scenery









Bridge day again with Russ Born on rope.

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