SCUBA Updated Training

Every year, we certify safe divers at the Pedaler & The Packer. All our classes meet or exceed the high standards set forth by the Recreational SCUBA Training Council (RSTC) and our certifying agency... PDIC.

The quality of your diving experience depends greatly on the quality of the instruction you receive. The Pedaler & The Packer has been certifying divers for well over 10 years now, and provides a level of training that instills confidence and allows you to enjoy what diving is all about-having FUN!

At The Pedaler & The Packer, we believe no two students are alike and we will make every effort to meet your special needs. This philosophy has earned our program recognition in the diving community as being as one of safety and academics. We teach not just what not to do, by why not to do it. We are proud of our reputation for training confident divers all over planet ocean.

We have private classes forming now, we can go on Tuesday nights, so lets learn to dive!



  • Lifetime certification after completing all requirements
  • Friendly and personal attention. Maximum class size is 12 students with 2 instructors. Most classes are 6-8 students.
  • Approximately 30 hours of training split between classroom and water sessions. Six separate class meetings. Plus 2 days of Checkout Dives (4 dives in total) for Certification.
  • Class times – Many evening options available (private classes available by special appointment.)  Most classes are from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. One night per week.
  • Two days for the Open Water Checkout Dives generally held on weekends, Saturday and Sunday all day. Some of the checkouts are done in Ohio and some are done in Florida or the Bahamas, we will make those arrangements towards the end of your class.
  • We provide:  manuals; air for pool sessions; tanks; buoyancy compensator; regulators; weights and all necessary paperwork. Although we have a good selection of wetsuits for those who would like to use one for the pool and open water dives we do not promise to fit all divers and we encourage you to own your own wetsuit.
  • You will need to purchase or otherwise provide: mask, fins, booties and snorkel.


$275.00 - Class includes text books and training material, use of SCUBA equipment for the pool sessions.

$125.00 - Open Water Weekend (Includes quarry entry fees, gear rental, and air fills only, if checkout is done in Ohio. (If done in Florida or elsewhere prices vary.) Travel, Eating and sleeping is up to you! Price doesn't include food, lodging or transportation.

$180.00 (+ -) - Basic Mask, Snorkel, Fins and Booties (if needed) plus tax.

$??.?? - Pool Fees - $300.00 devided by however many students in class…

Attendance is mandatory for certification.  The course is sequential in design, requiring lessons to be completed in order.  When a student misses a class it is the student’s responsibility to arrange with the instructor to make up the missed session.

Also available:

Advanced, Specialty, Nitrox and Instructor Courses

Jon Tobin--- P.D.I.C. Instructor Trainer # 5315
(740) 592-4630
888-9GO-DIVE (888-946-3483)
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