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Appalachian trail April 10, 2024
"Jon was incredibly helpful and shared his own personal experiences about the Appalachian trail which my dad and I plan to hike next year. His information was exceedingly helpful and we plan to work with him more in the future. Thanks Jon! Also- Buddy the dog has the best customer service skills ever!"
Helen Mary Shaw September 10, 2023
"Will always go here! Carol and Jon probably saved my life. Got an electric bike and attempted to put it together myself. First mistake! Had a crank shaft fall off so I had Jon replace it. When I took the bike in for the new shaft replacement Jon found several loose screws. Particularly those on my brakes. The brake on the rear of the bike were totally disconnected. He went over the entire bike , checked everything on the bike and explained everything to me. He said if you get another bike just bring it here box and all. I did and I am picking up bike #two this week! Thanks!"
Reece Reuter April 10, 2021
"Got a fantastic new board from John a couple days ago. He set it up for me extremely well and all of the parts that I selected for the build are of top notch quality. Will be back again to see Buddy and for my future skating needs. Just make sure you are aware of the prices and keep track of the expenses"